7 Life lessons you learn when staying at hostels


Hostels are a place where travellers across regions, religions, culture, race, and ethnicity share experiences which last forever. 

1. Culture

Hostels are mix-bag of cultures. Your dorm mate could be a person from a place you've never heard before. You learn to respect other cultures, differences and be a global citizen.

2. Sharing space

Sharing your dorm and the common areas teaches you to treat others, like the way you want to be treated.

3. A smile can take you places

You might find out about this crazy secret party from your dorm mate or some off-the-map place from the staff by just being genuine and friendly.

4. Getting value for your money

Hostels teach you that you don't need to spend loads for basic needs. You learn to stretch that dollar to the most you can get out of it.

5. Experience over Possession

By not packing those expensive gadgets, jewellery, etc. you travel carefree without worrying about valuables getting lost or being stolen. You learn travelling light is travelling smart.

6. There's more than just outward appearance.

When you see strangers in their pj’s or without make-up on, you learn it's alright to not look perfect.

7. Pushed out of your comfort zone

You learn to be independent. You value the space you get even if it's small, messy and filled with strangers.

Things you will learn at the hostel are life lessons you'll not learn from books. Check in to a backpacker hostel in Thailand when you travel next.