A Brief History of Watches and Their Development

Maybe among the most amazing inventions of all time is that of the wrist watch. Who'd have thought that somebody may actually put on a very small clock on their wrist as a way to tell time?

They are convenient, trendy and practical and of course mobile. Having an eye makes life so much easier as it provides you with a means to keep an eye on your daily life without needing to carry around a clock.

A Brief History of Watches and Their Development

It's stated that the first watch of all time has been devised by none other than Patek Phillips at 1868. A lot of people nowadays continue to be acquainted using a Phillips watch and happily wear them with pride.

Next in line to come out was a woman watch produced by Louis Cartier and it had been adorned with diamonds and a gold necklace since the watch group. This made an immediate hit and ignited Cartier to mass create his line of women watches as well as some other fashions in 1911.

After that interval, more products came out like Rolex, at the 1920's. The advance of the wrist watch kept moving ahead and in 1923 the first automatic view came out. When this brand comes there are many stores and online stores who can sell rolex watch with a different variety of models.

It was a popular hit and everybody was scrambling into the shops to receive their hands in their very own automatic wrist watch. The army even got in on the creation, working on the tech of this watch helping to progress the watch even farther.