About Great Eye Doctors

Finding a good eye doctor is the responsibility of every parent. Finding an experienced and board certified eye doctor has never been easier with several convenient Eye Care locations in every city.

As your child grows and gets ready for school, eye doctors can check your child's eyes for eye movement skills, focusing skills, near vision, distance vision, peripheral vision, and hand-eye coordination. That is a huge order and one that can easily be filled, right optometrists.

Children entering school should have a complete eye exam. The pre-school eye exam should actually be their second exam with the first having been at age 3, or as early as six months if there is cause for vision concern. When you follow a proper schedule for your child's eye care there are many things that you can avoid. If you want to know more about kid glasses and eye doctors, you can also check out this source: New York Eye Wear

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Conditions such as ADD and ADHD can be misdiagnosed because of the symptoms of poor vision and the similarity to those of ADD. Children who cannot see get very frustrated and can get depressed because they do not have the ability to read as well as the other children. This can be due to poor vision.

Eye doctors are on the alert to diagnose these eye conditions. They can also prescribe the necessary treatment to prevent worsening. In some cases, Autism can actually be misdiagnosed due to poor vision. Part of your second opinion on your child's condition should be with eye doctors.

Adults should continue with regular visits to their optometrist. Even if adults have 20/20 vision, they should get a routine eye exam every other year. This is especially true as we age. Cataracts often develop very slowly.

Often they are evident and diagnosed only after they have progressed to a point that the patient notices significant deficits in their vision. With regular eye exams, you can learn of the development and keep track of the progression without the frustration associated with failing vision. The same is true with more severe eye ailments, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.