Celebrating Life And Songs For Elvis Tribute

Many high profile personalities are being celebrated for their contribution to the society. This may be through social works, entertainment, politics, and aids to the poor. One such personality is the King of Rock and Roll himself, Elvis Aaron Presley. Thus, the bay area elvis tribute has been accepting and supporting of this event.

They do this because they want to remember him and want to relive his legacy in commemoration of his concert in Oakland Auditorium, now known as Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center. It has been almost sixty three years since the King had stepped foot in Bay Area back in June 3, 1956. He was there bringing joy and songs to his fans back at the height of his career.

Born in January 8, 1935, he had a humble beginning. He was born at Tupelo, Mississippi who had an early interest to music growing up. The one that started was the guitar his mother gifted him on his eleventh birthday. From there, he achieved the first of many successes as the winner at his school talent show. This winning has kicked started his journey as a most famous musician at that time.

His very first single was Thats All Right in 1954. The owner of the recording studio had liked him very much that he helped Elvis Presley to catch that big break that will cement his name in Hollywood and the world. Thus, he started doing tours across the country for the rest of the year and the next.

It was not until a year later, 19566, that he had his first and very popular hit song, the Heartbreak Hotel. Not long after, his album for that song had become number one that year. His success was not only contained to music but also the small and big screens. Variety shows had wanted him to guest on their respective shows making him their most popular guest.

That same year, he signed a movie contract with Paramount Pictures. Several movie titles in the span of his four year popularity include Love Me Tender, Loving You, and Flaming Star. In Love Me Tender, he played a supporting actor starring opposite to Richard Egan. This movie was popular to teenagers and young adults making it a box office hit.

The director and producer had a hard time deciding whether they want him to act or sing. In the end, they chose both. In the middle of the movie, he strummed his guitar as he sang acoustically to Love Me Tender, a popular song until now. He also sang three other songs, namely, Let Me, Poor Boy, and Were Gonna Move.

At age 42, he died due to heart failure on August 16, 1977. Since then, people have continued and lived his legacy. He was an icon to the music industry and has remained so until today. He was the one who helped rock n roll to be recognized as part of mainstream genres in music.

In fact, the Bay Area has seen its first Elvis impersonator on its streets back in 2016. People were shocked and surprised by him and his street performance. They were amazed as to how he perfectly copied the mannerisms and voice of the King. Since then, several impersonators are now popping up in this area of California.