My Kids’ Classroom Parties Made Me Buy Expensive Party Supplies Online

I am a mother of 3 kids, all under the age of ten. I also have a full-time job. As you can certainly imagine, my life is hectic on a good day; but when things go wrong or I find myself off schedule, my world seems to implode and it will take me days just to get back on track. With so much to handle on a day to day basis I pride myself on my ability to organize effectively – as any mother seems to have the innate ability to do. And while parties may hardly be something that people give any thought to until they actually have a party to plan, I am someone who does not have that luxury.

Because I work full time I am often unable to attend many of the parties and events held in my children’s classrooms. I am, however, a member of the PTO and I make my contributions where I can. One of the things that I signed up to do for each of my kids’ classrooms was to provide party supplies for their parties throughout the year – everything from Halloween and Christmas to Valentine’s Day and the traditional end of the year party. This is my way to be a part of the event and my kids’ enjoy the fact that they get to help pick out factory direct party supplies online.

After about three months of this, however, I was starting to realize how much these purchases were adding up over time. Not only was I buying factory direct party supplies online for all the year’s parties, I was buying them for three classrooms! I was afraid I was overzealous in my attempts to stay involved and I was starting to feel like I was really over my head in terms of what I could afford.