Pottery Marks Series: Grand Feu Pottery

Functioning from 1912 through around 1917, Grand Feu Art was a small, nice pottery studio operating out there of Los Angeles, Ca. The company’s relatively short production period led to restricted output, which has resulted in limited availability on the collector’s market today.

Pieces can vary in price from $500 for a small, simple, unexciting part to around $10, 000 for an exceptional flower vase. However, these values vary according to individual factors, including the markings on your art pottery. You can also find best pottery wheel classes in maryland at http://www.claygroundonline.com/classes/.

0072917_pottery.jpeg (848×500)


Virtually all Grand Feu Pottery is proclaimed. Typically the most popular mark you will notice upon this company’s fine art pottery portions is a straightforward stamp reading “Grand Feu Pottery, L.A., Cal.” Lovers strongly favor these bits, and their value is greater than other Grand Feu parts.

Lasting Quality

Grand Feu performed something that few other fine art pottery creation studios could actually do: create beautiful pottery bits that would keep going. The business created portions which define the idea of prolonged quality by using abundant, hard clays to generate thicker bodies in a position to withstand extreme heat when terminated.


The worthiness of Grand Feu Pottery parts depends upon a number of different factors. As stated previously, whether it’s proclaimed as “Grand Feu” or “Brauckman Fine art” will have a considerable influence on value. Beyond that, you should seek out greater pieces.