How to Replace a Golf Cart Battery?

For somebody who owns a Golfing cart or just work at a Course, it’s very necessary that he ought to know how to improve the power supply of the automobile. It isn’t a difficult process.

Nonetheless it should be achieved with care. A lot of the carts operate on battery therefore it’ll be essential to replace its battery pack sometime or the other. Below are a few tips you need to bear in mind while swapping a Golfing cart battery.

Tools necessary for replacing the electric battery:-

  • Wrench
  • Safety goggles
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Wire brush
  • Acid resistant hands gloves

To begin with war the protecting devices like the gloves and goggles. In almost all of the carts the battery pack is kept at the front end or sometimes under the group of the cart.

They might be six cell battery pack or one cell battery. To know more about golf cart batteries, you can visit

Utilise the wrench to eliminate the terminals from the power supply. Take away the negative terminal first and then you’re positive. Now lift up the power from its holder.

Good care should be studied as the acids inside the electric battery may leak which is very corrosive.

The terminals of the clamp should be properly cleaned out before mending it on the new electric battery. The cable TV should be properly cleansed to avoid any residue.

The occurrence of dirt and grime or any kind of residue can be dangerous as it could lead to a brief circuit.