How Fun Can Pixel Gun 3D Game Be?

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It is the very first pixel game for mobile devices. It is a shooting game with multiplayer and multiscene modes being available both offline and online. It has both worldwide and local connection and up to 10 players can participate in the game. Weaponry is quite varied, ranging from hand grenades to rocket launchers. There are chats available where one can chat with friends while playing the game. There are no more than 35 maps available which are of unique shapes and sizes in combination with modes such as classic death match mode, deadly game mode, team battle mode etc.

This is my favorite gane ever. It has online multiplayer, campaign, mini games, and much more. The amount of customizable options, how many guns you can buy, and what kind of pets you can acquire to fight by your side in multiplayer and single player game modes is insane. Its absolutely amazing, 10/10 all the way around. Its like having a skull made out of titanium, then being mind blown. That's what I'd rate this game as.

There are many guns in the armory that is able to buy by coin and some that you need to finish some quests. Nevertheless, the more overpower weapon is, the harder you can get. Some weapons that can purchasing by saving your gems, but with just one good gun, there is nothing to compare to another one who have so many weapons and it is your weakness to be eliminated from another players.

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It's time to decide if you prefer a weapon, a knife or a bow and practice your killing skills. Do your best and be the perfect player. Don't forget that you can make your own skin and you can use it in the multiplayer game.

It is undeniably true that playing this video game in the multi player mode, somehow seems more interesting. It is really awesome that one is not limited to 2 or 3 game modes only in the multi player setting, instead you have a total of 6 different game modes under the setting. You have 6 game modes under multi player setting and they are death match, team battle, flag capture, time battle, point capture and not forgetting, the deadly game.

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