Smoke Alarm Keeps The House Safe From Fire


People do their best in keeping their house safe from fire but still many house catches fire every year. There are many things to be taken care of for keeping the house safe from fire and one of them is smoke alarm. Smoke alarm is of much use to tackle the fire in initial stage. Sudden malfunctioning of wire can result in devastating fire and hence it is difficult to predict and prevent such situation but smoke alarms are of much use in these circumstances.

Recommendation for installing the smoke alarm:

  • On every floor there should be smoke alarm and even the basement should not be left.
  • Outside and in every sleeping area there should be smoke alarm.
  • Smoke alarm must be replaced in every 10 years.


Testing of smoke alarms must be done twice in the year where as some expert advice to test it every month. It is essential to test them so that one can come to know whether they work properly. Also, the batteries of smoke alarm must be replaced every 6 months.

Another thing which should be taken care of, is to reduce the threats of fire as this can help in saving the house from any kind of fire. Fire safety in Australia is done through fire companies which provide full safety to the premises from any kind of fire.