Tips for Better Trailer Maintenance


It is essential to properly maintain your trailer. This way not only will it last longer but you will not have to spend money to get it fixed after every few months. Moreover it is also important to get the trailer checked by a professional once or twice a year. Following are a few tips that can help you in maintaining your trailer:

1. Check the air

The most important thing that you need to take care of is the inflation level of tires. So make sure you check that at least once a week. Also check for any leaks or tears in the tires. Tires are one of the main expenses when it comes to a trailer or any other vehicle for that matter. It is also important to inspect the connection of supply hole to the tire regularly. 

2. Inspect suspension

You should regularly check for signs of heat cracks and wear and tear on suspension and air springs. Apart from that also ensure that nothing is obstructing the suspension or is interfering with its movement. Moreover, ensure that the springs have equal and sufficient pressure.

3. Lube it correctly

In order to maintain your trailer you need to get your hands dirty so it is very important to oil it properly and on a regular basis. There are different types of greases available in the market so select one that is suitable for the kind of trailer you own. It is essential to get breaks checked on a regular basis too.

Above mentioned are a few tips that can help you in keeping your cable reel trailer or any type of vehicle in mint condition.

Safety Tips For Transporting Large Spools Of Industrial Cables

Transporting large spools of industrial cables is a very critical task, where it must be ensured that no damage to the cable occurs, as well as the transporters. To help with this task, here are some safety tips for transporting industrial cables, to prevent any accidents at the workplace.


  • Loading and unloading

Make sure that whenever you are loading or unloading industrial sized cable spools, the cable drum trailer is well balanced, and placed evenly. It is always advised that you load with the flanges on edge and that the cable spool is secured with the proper equipment.

  • Stacking and storing

Experts advise that while stacking cable reels, either for transportation or storage, make sure to only stack the lighter cable reels. Stacking larger, heavier reels may damage the cable drums and the trailer, in case of overloading. Instead larger reels and cable drums should be stacked vertically, on surfaces with vertical flanges.

  • In transit

During the transit of the cable drum, make sure that the reels are kept on a hard, flat surface, and that they are in a well-drained area. In case of the cable being exposed, it is essential to ensure that the cables are resealed, and waterproofed. Using plastic, tapes or weather proof caps can help in achieving this.

  • Overheating

Prevent any damage to the cables by keeping them away from direct sunlight. In transit, it is ideal to cover the cable drums with a plastic sheet, or other materials to prevent any damage due to overheating and sunlight.

Make sure you follow these safety tips to ensure the safe transportation of the cables.