The diet plan of your dreams

Have you ever thought to yourself that there should be a plan that allows you to eat whatever you like to eat? The plan should be like this that you have to carry it half they day and the rest of the day you are free to do whatever.

Well, there is a plan exactly like that called half day diet developed by Nate Miyaki. Who is Nate? He is a nutrition coach who started his career way back from sports. He is not only a coach but have also competed in many bodybuilding and fitness competitions. He is not a big supporter of fat burning pills when it comes to burning fat and losing weight rather he focuses on a mix of diet, healthy weight loss supplements, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Nate has learned the art of martial arts and gymnastics and has stayed the bestselling author of 4 books on Amazon related to fitness and weight loss. Nate has been active with several clients throughout his career. He has further putted his life into coaching and nutrition. The plan has been brought together after years of experimentation, coaching, training and experience.

The plan is not the same for everyone the plan will be designed according to need of your body and will be determined on the basis of your body fat percentage and weight losing goals. You are the center of attention of the plan at all the times.