Safety Precautions When Moving Heavy Materials Manually


Heavy machines are used in the construction industries and play a huge role. Humans are the ones working in such sites involving heavy machineries on a constant basis. This is why it becomes a necessity to follow their work in a safe manner to stay safe at all times without facing any kind of accidents. These are some of the safety precautions to consider when it comes to moving heavy materials manually.

  1. Safety Equipment – Workers are required to wear appropriate protective equipment whenever working at construction site. Gloves and long sleeve shirts must be worn to protect their forearms while lifting items consisting of rough and sharp edges. Goggles must be worn to protect their eyes from dust. And when it comes to lifting heavy items, steel-toed boots must be worn to protect the feet and toes.
  2. Lift Properly – Coming to lifting, it is important not only to wear protective gear but also use proper technique. Bending of the hips and knees is required while lifting the item. Just make sure the item stays close to your chest.
  3. Add Handles – Moving materials manually will require you to add or attach holders or handles to make your work more-easier and efficient.
  4. Get Help – If you find the item too bulky, heavy or cannot see around, then you must always ask help from your co-workers. This reduces the risk of damaging the item as well as avoiding the risk of getting injured.

These are the safety precautions to consider when moving heavy materials manually. If you have a construction site, then you can always go for earthmoving equipment hire in Brisbane.