An Overview of Hookah Lounges

Hookahs are water pipes which are utilized to smoke specially made tobacco that comes in various flavors, including mint, apple, cherry, chocolate, peppermint, peppermint, java, and peas. The trend of hookah has tremendously increased in recent years.

A lot of the upsurge in popularity is a result of university and college populations, who locate hookah lounges a great way to invest quality time together with friends in a sober, however socially effortless, environment.

Hookah lounges are large with sororities and fraternities, however, you will find older sets of sponsors on the scene too, plus also a multiplicity of ethnicities and individuals from all walks of life is discovered in many different hookah lounges. To buy the best quality  khalil mamoon click at

Different hookah lounges and bars provide various items to go for the smoking experience. At a few lounges, an elderly beneficiary comes to play with cards, backgammon, or chess, whilst pool tables, video games, and large screen TVs are available for the younger audience.

An Overview of Hookah Lounges

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Many lounges function food and beverage, from Turkish coffee, hot chai, and honey-drenched bamieh fritters into foie gras and Moroccan spiced lamb, while hookah bars provide everything from wine and cocktails to bundle deals–such as personal booth or couch, hookah, drinks, and appetizers–that run around $125 for four.

Rental rates for hookahs in lounges normally run from $5 to $20 an hour with tobacco costs from $4 to $9 each bowl. Whatever is on offer, individuals feel comfortable enough to linger, accumulated around the hookah pipe.

Somebody on staff–frequently the proprietors always pleased to assist individuals new to the encounter of hookah smoking and then direct them through it. Pipes are usually ready for the patrons with whatever exotic taste of tobacco that they select. There is typically a hookah coal carrier, circulating throughout the couch with coals and tongs to replenish any waning hookah coals.