4 Types Of Kickboxing Practices Available In Sydney!

Kickboxing is a great fitness art form which has multiple benefits for the mind and the body. Kickboxing enhances your strength, confidence and coordination. This is a very flexible practice and this is why kickboxing is very popular with the youth. The Kickboxing Classes in Sydney  focuses on everything from Cardio conditioning, self defense and martial arts. It is also very important to find out which class to attend first as you have to prepare t raise your fist for the very first time. There are many approaches as to how to start to learn kickboxing. Some people are slow learners but gradually master the art. Some people start out as aggressive players and become faster as they progress. Here are some of the types and forms of kickboxing. You can tell your trainer next time in your class as to adapt to one of the particular forms which you find more useful for your fitness programme.

Point Fighting

This is a very interesting type of kickboxing. In the point fighting game the kickboxing needs to be paused when there is a successful hit. When there is a point contact the players move back to their original position. The jump kick on the head is awarded three points.

Light Contact

This is different from the point fighting technique as it requires a lot of stamina.In this type of game a lot of point contacts are allowed but hard punches or hits that lead to a knock out are to be avoided and are not allowed. It is longer in duration.

Low Kick Fight

Low kick fight is also known as tatami which is a mat sport. This type of low kick fight also allows the kicks to inner and the outer part of the thigh. There are trainers who also teach such Muay Thai kickboxing in Sydney.

Full Contact

The full contact game is a game in kickboxing that allows all the full time boxing techniques. All attacks are delivered in full power and knock outs are also allowed.