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If you wish to learn how to trap, capture or kill eastern coyotes, Eastern Coyote Trapping, an affiliate of Wolfernation, includes over a hundred free of charge trapping videos to your trapping educational experience. You’ll discover trapping videos for dirt hole sets, horizontal collections, and blind places. We also cover foot grip coil spring traps and long spring traps and steel traps. We’ll discuss bedding a snare, pan covers and using peat moss in you trapping experiences.

Do you need to learn how to trap and remove coyote or are already snaring and would like to see different strategies or just enjoy coyote snaring videos? We’ll be loading snares, using trap supports and kill sticks. Within the Free Trapping Video mag, you may see more than a hundred trapping and snaring posts, common asked trapping queries, great Youtube Videos, State and National Trapping conference, news, Fur skinning and managing, Trapper news, political views, and a dashboard comedy.

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FORUMS: The Eastern Coyote Trapping Forums cover Trapping, Traps, Snaring, Animal Damage Control and Predator Calling. This is a fantastic source of real-world trapping experience from trappers that trap and snare for fur, their livelihood or our trapping heritage. If you wish to get ideas from other trappers, would like to get better at catching or killing coyotes, just join in! If you’re new to trapping, have trapping questions, do not be shy! We’re here to help. Our forum rules are easy, behave like a grown up.

Check your ego at the door and do not come looking to begin a fight. We’re fur brothers at the Wolfernation discussion community. If you wish to request a trapping or snaring question, share your knowledge of grabbing critter abilities, come on in! We would like to hear what you need to say