Mental Retardation in Children

Some people today feel that mental retardation is recognized only on the grounds of low IQ since identification is poorly known. There's the concept that these individuals can't understand or to look after themselves. 

Mental delays in children is a term used to refer to kids and individuals who create cognitive or intellectual slower compared to their peers. This is a limit of psychological functions resulting in restricted intellectual improvement.

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The expression can be considered offensive, so now is utilized more frequently an expression of disabilities or developmental delays. A child with development and learning disabilities doesn't mean it can't learn. Even kids with autism, Down syndrome or cerebral palsy – considered disabilities – could develop and become quite capable in lifestyle.

What causes mental delays?

Delays in intellectual growth of children frequently happen as a result of brain damage or issues which block the brain to grow normally. Here are a Number of these:

  • Genetic anomalies (the infant )
  • Pregnancy Issues and complications (infections, diseases or medication which can affect the growing fetus)
  • Insufficient oxygen (hypoxia)
  • Premature birth
  • Injuries and acute injury to the mind anytime in youth or maturity (in such instances could be temporary or permanent disabilities).

What are the indicators? 

Symptoms and signs of mental retardation are solely behavioral. Children with disabilities may have difficulty learning how to crawl or to talk since they're infants.  Other features are delays or problems in:

  • Development of speech (particularly speech)
  • Memory
  • learning rules
  • logical thinking