Small Business Investor – Small Check, Big Responsibility

I really don't know whether there's some kind of mathematical equation you may put for this, but it would certainly seem that smaller the investor's check, the bigger the hassle they become to an entrepreneur.

You may think the opposite could be true, that smaller investors might just hope to play a little part in the company while the bigger investors would create each one the critical calls. You can more information about small business investors in San Diego via

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What you will see in practice, however, is that increasing and handling small chunks of funds out of small investors is extremely laborious while the manageable investments stem from far bigger investors.

Smaller company investors appear to have significantly more time to spend than they have cash. These are the men that are putting $5,000 to your business and believe that they're Gordon Gekko, attempting to run the business such as a budding investor.

All this excess time which they must handle these investments really sucks the life from your deal since you must always manage their expectations to the nth level of detail.

Surely getting assistance from a small company investor to cultivate your company is a wonderful thing, but maybe not if it entails being micro-managed to passing over every choice.

A fantastic small company investor will understand their job is to put money into the business, not conduct the corporation. You need their invested funds working for your small business, another pseudo supervisor to contend with.

Raising smaller quantities of funds does not translate into reducing the time necessary to find a check.