A Guide To South Indian Cuisine

Words India and meals together can bring out the aromatic picture of puffy naans, butter chicken juicy dishes, platters of succulent kebabs and many more in your mind. But that's not all there is when it comes to Indian food.

South Indian cuisine is definitely opposite with exceptional taste and hearty appetites. You can also visit some websites such as https://www.masalatwistusa.com/cuisines/south-indian-cuisine and many more to get more information regarding south Indian food.

Here is just a glimpse into the many varied tastes of South India.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil food is normally divided into the subsequent brackets –  sour, sweet, astringent, bitter, spicy and salty. The cuisine here is spicy and mildly both spiced depending on the area of preparation and there is no use of specific spices here.

Andhra Pradesh.

Houses of the holy Hyderabadi biryani are one of the most flavorful food destinations to visit in the country. Their enlightened use of spices, sour and chili makes one of a kind experience. if you enjoy the spices and chicken tenders then chicken curry in Andhra style is something you want to try. While focusing on the spice, this region also presents some dazzling desserts. Like sweet delights made with urad dal and jaggery.


Cuisine from the state of God itself is just as beautiful as the countryside itself. The seafood is topmost love of their all- the mighty coconut. This dish of curry prawns makes any food look better, with a pleasant sweet sip of aviyal.


This state brings the Udupi revolution in this country, if not the world. But there are so many more that Karnataka offers like bisi bele bhath . This tasty food filled with fresh vegetables and lentils covered with a unique mixture of masalas made with fenugreek, coriander, urad, and chana dal.