Does Spinal Decompression Treatment Work?

A person that has been through an injury that involves spinal column knows how painful it can be? A damaged spine can cause severe back pain, neck pain, and frequent headaches.
A non-surgical spinal decompression is a therapy in the chiropractic office; this therapy never requires invasive surgery, prescription medications or any dangerous procedures. 
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Working of Spinal Decompression
Methods of chiropractic therapy like spinal decompression are all natural healing. Spinal decompression works by pulling gently the nerves and discs that are compacted within the spinal column and can also cause pain.
The main motive of this non-surgical spinal decompression is to resolve pinched nerve and compact discs, which are some of the common injuries involving back and the neck. 
In this, patient is comfortably strapped to a specially designed chiropractic table.Later on, these straps are attached to the machine. The chiropractor adjusts the traction device, in order to apply a gentle type of vacuum pressure. 
With the help of this therapy, patient’s damaged nerve and discs are separated and are returned to their proper place in the spinal column. 
Does this Spinal Decompression Work?
Yes, definitely this therapy works as it provides long-term solution for back pain, neck pain and also for chronic pains.