Top Shopping Places in Sri Lanka


You are bound to have a great time shopping in Sri Lanka. Batiks, jewelry items, hand-crafted items are just a few you can buy in Sri Lanka. If you happen to be visiting Sri Lanka in the coming days, weeks or months, then these are some of the top places to shop at in Sri Lanka if you love shopping.

  1. OlandaFurnitures–One of the best places to buy whether modern or antique furniture is from OlandaFurnitures. The furniture sold here showcases Sri Lanka’s idea on art. Another unique feature of this place is they deliver the furniture via shipping services where you reside.
  2. Mlesna Tea Centre – Sri Lanka is one of the best places that produce awesome-quality tea. If you love tea, then you need to visit this place where they sell some of the best flavors such as mint, rose, jasmine and more on tea.
  3. Lakpahana – If souvenirs are what you are looking for in order to take it as a memory, then Sri Lanka’s Lakpahana is the perfect place to be at. This shop is based in Colombo and is considered to be a budget-friendly place for many shoppers.
  4. Orchid House – Located in Galle, the Orchid House offers opportunity to buy items such as tea, books, jewelry, spa products, and clothes along with tons of hand-made items. You are bound to leave this place without empty hands because this place is like a gem for shopaholics.

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Best Things to do in Sri Lanka

Whether if it’s for fun, romance or adventure, Sri Lanka is a beautiful country that offers a lot of entertainment to travellers. From witnessing picturesque landscapes to shopping complexes, these are some of the best and fantastic things you can do in Sri Lanka.


  1. Viharamahadevi Park –The Viharamahadevi Park offers a soothing and peaceful experience from the hustle life of Sri Lanka. You have the option of packing your own lunch for a romantic picnic or sit under a shade and admire the beauty of the park. There’s also a zoo for those who travel with kids or explore the nearby waterfalls
  2. Visit the Gangaramaya Temple – All the temples in Sri Lanka has a lot of things to offer in its own unique way. However, the Gangaramaya Temple is ahead against all the temples. The reason being; this temple’s architecture is a combination of Thai, Chinese and Indian style and is considered to be a must-visit during a visit to Sri Lanka.
  3. Enjoy the Nightlife –If you are a nocturnal beast or a party animal, then you will be glad to hear this that Sri Lanka is a great destination to enjoy nightlife. From trying your luck in a casino to dancing to the tunes in nightclubs, your nightlife in Sri Lanka is bound to be great with your buddies or partner.
  4. Rejuvenate in Spas – Treat yourself with a relaxing body massage at some of the best spas in Sri Lanka. After all, your body deserves a pampering massage to release those negative thoughts and toxins from your body.

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